Tickling Fetish – MyFriendsFeet

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The last time I saw Mikey he was tied up on my couch, where I managed to worship his feet and get him off. He loved it, of course, and I think he took to being tied up because I talked him into being bound to the tickle chair and tormented this time around. The look of fear on Mikey’s face is very evident and it is a fear that is well-grounded. You see, Mikey is extremely ticklish. So much so that even just tickling the inside of his thighs had him squirming around. By the time I had his shoes off to torment his size 11 feet Mikey was nothing more than a well-tickled puddle of hilarity!

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Amateur Fetish – AmateursDoIt

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It’s the holiday season and we’ve found two ho’s in Santa hats to celebrate with. Leo and Lochie have been nice to everyone this year but always naughty in the bedroom so we brought them together to deliver their sticky gifts to each other. Enjoy the scene and a safe and happy Holidays from everyone at Amateurs Do It!

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Fisting Fetish – FistingCentral

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Shifting sexual gears, Dolf Dietrich grabs some gloves, giving Drew Sebastian’s hole a dizzying rapid-fire eight-finger fuck, sliding his palms back and forth over each other while pushing through Drew’s sphincter muscles. His entire fist and wrist follow, loosening the hole until Drew reveals his rosebud.

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Masturbation Fetish – BlakeMason

BM1106_Nathan_Raider_01 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_02 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_03 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_04 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_05 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_06 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_07 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_08 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_09 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_10 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_11 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_12 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_13 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_14 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_15 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_16 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_17 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_18 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_19 BM1106_Nathan_Raider_20

With his mix of Italian and English heritage Nathan sounds pretty sexy, but aside from his accent the rest of him is damn fine too. The handsome masculine hottie has a great body and a big uncut cock, and he loves to share it around. Find out more about him and enjoy the show as he strokes his big rock solid 8 inch dick to pump a juicy load from his balls!

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Intergenerational Sex Fetish – BarebackMeDaddy

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Ray Dalton likes his coffee black but isn’t expecting the new cleaning boy to be in his kitchen. Donnie Ray cannot take his eyes off of Dalton’s massive morning woody and soon forgets about any other duties, other than getting some of Ray’s hard daddy cock. He kneels in front of Ray and sucks on the fat cock before him. Ray thrusts it down little Donnie’s throat, gagging him as he skull fucks the bottom. Ray turns Donnie around and rims his black has. He licks and tongues that hole, only stopping long enough to spit on it. When ray stands up and slides his massive raw cock into little Donnie, the boy moans with pleasure…

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Mature Men Fetish – HotOlderMale

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Vic Rocco is the kind of hot muscle daddy who makes us go weak at the knees. Naturally dominant, with a big nasty streak, he loves being at the centre of a group of other daddies, working each ass in turn with his truncheon cock.

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Interracial Fetish – AmericanMuscleHunks

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Micah Brandt is back, but this time he’s topping Johnny V. His huge, ripped muscle body totally dominates the hard, jacked Johnny V. They begin with a steamy make-out session that quickly turns into sweaty muscle worship as Micah explores Johnny’s gorgeous body. Micah feasts on Johnny’s tight, pink hole, imploring him to make it wink. After they devour every inch of each other, Micah puts Johnny face-down and proceeds to pound him seneseless. When Johnny cannot take anymore, Micah flips him over and makes him squat on his meat while Micah pounds him underneath. When Micah can’t hold his load in anymore, Johnny forces his big dick down Micah’s throat until they both blow, covering Micah in hot jizz, just like he loves it!

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