Office Sex Affair –

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If you like socks as much as I do, you’ll love this office scene from There’s nothing like a cum-soaked pair of sheers!

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4 Responses to Office Sex Affair –

  1. top11foot says:

    Sorry, too cheesy. Besides, anybody who gets a neck tattoo like that (assuming it’s real) is either retarded or might as well be, and that is NOT sexy.

  2. Almost all of your comments are complaints… I’d love to see if you could quit being such a Negative Nancy and say something positive for a change. P.S. Calling someone retarded for getting a tattoo is small-minded and just plain rude, and THAT is not sexy.

  3. wildboyorl says:

    That’s funny. I didn’t even notice that the kid had tattoos. I was checking out the hot garter belts and the hot fucking action. I can only imagine what you look like… I am covered in tattoos(yes my neck too) and retarded in not a word used to describe me. I guess you don’t know what it is like to be free to be yourself..That’s too bad. What a waste of a life…

  4. top11foot says:

    The problem with being too open-minded is that your brain falls out, but never mind. If critical comments are an issue, don’t allow comments, or specify you’ll only approve approval. As for being sexy, that’s not my job, but it is the job of a porn model. Regarding a brightly colored neck tattoo, it’s a free country, which means people are as free to get one as I am to find it highly dubious. Same freedom. And being one’s self obviously does not require neck tattooing, certainly not for most people. As for my life, works fine for me. Anyway, carry on, as no doubt you will.

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