Estim Fetish – FistingCentral

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There’s a sharp intake of breath and fluttering of his eyelids when he hears Tony’s wand begin to crackle and buzz. Chase is naked and his cock hangs heavily between his thighs. Tony brushes the business end of the wand against Chase’s tender flesh, causing him to rise up on his toes. Repeatedly, and with different attachments, Tony challenges the limits of his sub!

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Canadian Men Fetish – MenOfMontreal

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After tasting his own jizz for first time in front of our camera a couple of weeks ago, this straight working man’s went one step further. Today he gives his ass a nice expansive work over with the help of Marko Lebeau’s helping hands and mouth.

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Domination Fetish – BadBoyBondage

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When Dean Daniels sees the electrodes come out, he starts to beg before it even starts. Undaunted, Preston Lee, lights up his nipples, cock, and asshole. In between whimperings, he back is forced up from the current.

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Amateur Fetish – WorkingMenXXX

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From the beginning been something about B.J. that absolutely repulsed me. However, I get a lot of mail requesting more of him. Perhaps it’s that big uncut dick! In any case, like chocolate and vanilla, everyone has their own particular taste. Maybe you find him to your liking.

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Military Men Fetish – ActiveDuty

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Well Claude has been very busy lately working with incoming recruits and keeping things at the Active Duty San Diego bunker running full steam ahead. He’s been knockin’ ’em outta the park with these new guys, and managing to get studs like Quentin and Jeremy fucking up a storm on camera!

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Interracial Fetish – RandyBlue

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Fabio is the hot traveling masseur. And seth is the jock with sore muscles. Fabio has Seth strip down and he takes his own shirt off as well. Seth is oiled up and all that touching begins to turn him on. By the time Seth flips over he is already hard. Fabio told him that he can take care of it. What follows is a hot oiled up fuck!

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Intergenerational Sex Fetish – BarebackMeDaddy

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The muscular and hairy man gives his boy something to wrap his lips around and once Jared has him rock hard and ready he slides his tongue inside the horny bottoms ass. Rimming gives way to bareback fucking, as Daddy gives his boy the raw fucking he craves. He fucks Jared in a variety of positions, before taking the boy’s cum load all over his tattooed stomach. Then, with a smile on his face, young Jared enjoys a face full of seed from his Daddy.

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