Mature Men Fetish – MenOver30

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Rikk is newly single and still fresh out of his last relationship and wants to take things slow. Alessio and he have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and Alessio wants to take it up a notch and expresses his feelings to Rikk. Rikk is comfortable with it and so after their stroll in the downtown area they head back home. They head straight to the bedroom where Alessio begins to make out with him as they explore each other’s bodies for the first time. New love always begins great but the key to happiness is to keep that love strong and committed which both of these two have!

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Muscle Hunk Fetish – RagingStallion

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In between intense kissing, Sean and Derek battle to service Brian’s hot hole. They grease his hole with their tongues and probe it with their fingers. Besides the sucking and rimming, each stud feeds off the sexual fuel of the others. Switching to a divide-and-conquer strategy, Derek takes Brian’s mouth while Sean fucks the well-lubed hole. Sean and Derek use their hard, furry muscle to provide the momentum for unrelenting oral and anal fucking. Sean and Derek swap ends; Brian wants it all and he takes it like a champ. Brian shoots his wad first, then Derek and Sean douse him with a double-barreled oral cum shot from both sides.

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Mask Fetish – Maskurbate

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Possibly one of the sexiest on Maskurbate, Mike makes his exciting porn debut in front of my camera. He is a 22 years old gym dude and admits being bisexual though very picky towards men. He spends most of his time at the gym but likes to travel from time to time. Mike really had a good time and it showed! An amazing performance… can’t believe this was his first time!

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Sounding Fetish – FistingCentral

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Boomer Banks has double-digit inches of cock to play with, so when he lines up the gloves, lube, and sounding rods, he’s got your attention. His method is focused and intense: set the rod, slide it in a few inches, then let gravity take control. Boomer moves the sound up and down like a piston, gasping and moaning as he pushes his limits. His mouth stretches into a big ‘O,’ as he discovers how deep the smooth steel can go. When he’s ready, he pulls the sound out and reads it like a dipstick. The gloves come off, the strokes quicken, and Boomer shoots his massive load. He scoops it up and eats his own manseed, fully enjoying the results of his work.

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Spanking Fetish – HelixStudios

Pay-the-Price-001 Pay-the-Price-002 Pay-the-Price-003 Pay-the-Price-004 Pay-the-Price-005 Pay-the-Price-006 Pay-the-Price-007 Pay-the-Price-008 Pay-the-Price-009 Pay-the-Price-010 Pay-the-Price-011 Pay-the-Price-012 Pay-the-Price-013

After busting up Blake’s car in a minor fender bender, Luke takes severe punishment from a very heated Blake. Apparently, the price of pissing off Blake Mitchell is a pair of red, sore ass cheeks.

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Chain Fetish – IronLockup

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In a full straight jacket and chain suspension the prisoner is subjected to rough impact play as his legs flail in the air causing the chains to bite him mercilessly. The prisoner remains rock hard through the torment. Sir comes back, lube in hand, and begins to tease the prisoner’s prostate.

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Armpit Fetish – HotOlderMale

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If there is one thing Scotty Rage enjoys more than a hard, hot and heavy fuck, its the smell of man sweat. Scotty wants to fulfill his thrill of fetishes and is looking for a real man to satisfy his urges. Let him worship your little piggies with his tongue.

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