Boot Fetish – ScaryFuckers

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Quite bigger than Rick, Jockey blows smoke in his face to show him who’s boss. The two men wrestle and fondle each other until Rick can’t resist any more. He pulls down Jockey’s pants and gives his hard manhood a good mouthfuck. After a little mutual sucking, Jockey plays with Rick’s tight asshole, sticking his fingers and tongue in him. Hard and lubed up, Jockey firmly lowers Rick to his knees and inserts his pillaging ramrod. Rick moans as he loves taking a hard pounding from such an aggressive top. He strokes his own cock while Jockey keeps slamming away at his little man-hole.

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Tickling Fetish – MyFriendsFeet

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Javi is yet another cute, kinky hunk that befriended us and it wasn’t long before he found himself bound to our tickle chair with his feet in stocks so Dev and I could tickle him silly. I love these adorable guys that hang around, curious about tickling and foot fetish action. Well Javi found out first hand what it’s all about as we tickled his ribs, armpits and feet until he was going crazy with hysterics!

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Leather Fetish – HotHouse

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Osiris Blade is one of the hottest, hungriest cocksuckers around and handsome Theo Ford loves to get his thick cock serviced. The two studs are a match made in heaven. Right from the start, Theo’s stiff rod attracts Osiris like a magnet. Osiris caves to the attraction and immediately gets on all fours and feasts on Theo’s meat, worshipping it with undivided attention. Turned on to the max by Osiris’ cock worshipping, Theo gives Osiris’ ass a few good smacks before burying his face and tongue into it. After lubing up Osiris’ hole with his dripping saliva, Theo takes control sliding in his pole and giving it to Osiris doggy style!

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Tattoo Fetish – LucasEntertainment

LVP208_01A_Steele_Andreas_Alvarez_Dietrich_Sebastian_01 LVP208_01A_Steele_Andreas_Alvarez_Dietrich_Sebastian_02 LVP208_01A_Steele_Andreas_Alvarez_Dietrich_Sebastian_03 LVP208_01A_Steele_Andreas_Alvarez_Dietrich_Sebastian_04 LVP208_01A_Steele_Andreas_Alvarez_Dietrich_Sebastian_05 LVP208_01A_Steele_Andreas_Alvarez_Dietrich_Sebastian_06

Joining Rocco and Alejandro are Drew Sebastian, Dolf Dietrich and the always-studly Pedro Andreas. This five-way begins their breeding party by chowing down on each other’s cocks, and judging by how focused Alejandro is, I’d say he’s enjoying the task of blowing Rocco. It’s Alejandro who has to withstand the appetites of these three men. He’s just one example: around 6:15 Drew bends Alejandro over and fucks him, only to pull out for Dolf to suck on him and lube up a bit with his saliva for more fucking!

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College Men Fetish – CollegeDudes

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He kneels down and delivers some delicious oral to Fernando, then spends a long time with his face buried in that fine ass, licking and rimming and fingering Fernando’s hole as Braxton prepares him for the big prick he’s about to fill him up with. When he’s had enough ass play, Braxton spreads Fernando’s ass apart and slides his cock in, bending Fernando over the desk as he takes him hard and deep.

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Dildo Fetish – BadBoyBondage

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It’s time to open up Joseph Rowland’s back door, and few things are better for that than a long, thick dildo. While the bitch is tied down, Master Devon invades him with the dildo, and pumps him until Joseph is ready to crawl onto the ceiling.

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Wrestling Fetish – WrestleHard

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Crazy angry wrestling begins between the two straight Gladiators. We can see they fight with 100% for the glory, because the loser gets fucked…and (I guess) none of the straight machos want to be fucked. They are both very skilled wrestlers, they know and apply all the effective wrestling holds. The match is very even,but Frecha can win with a dirty technique.

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