Hot Wax Fetish – Boynapped

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Levi has been left dangling, chained into a big tire with his arse on show. Deacon can’t resist such a sight, of course. He’s quickly feeding the cock slave his big meat, then heads around the back to explore that arse too. Levi’s body gets totally drenched in hot wax, and understandably he cries out, but Deacon isn’t going to be done until he’s fucked that hot little hole and even used a toy in his pucker at the same time!

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Uniform Fetish – Bound Gods

Officer Maguire mercilessly beats his prisoner down, from front to back as he screams from the pain, before he’s dragged off to the electric chair. Strapped in tight, Alexander endures the officer’s torment with the zapper while an electric butt plug pulses in his hole. After a rough fuck, Officer Maguire covers his prisoner’s face with cum before having him suck off every drop!

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Hairy Stud Fetish – Hot Older Male

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Super-hot muscle daddy Brad Kalvo is on set with sexy Scott Mann setting up for the next shoot when they realize they’ve got some free time on their hands before the talent arrives… That’s all they need to start going at in on set with ladders and lights around. Scott gets Brad’s fine meat wet and hard and they go at some serious fucking before both shoot hot juicy loads!

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Dildo Fetish – Men On Edge

Nick Capra suspended in mid air for the first time as his hard cock gets sucked from below. A dildo is driven into his ass, fucking his prostate as Nick begs and begs to cum. On the bed, Sebastian brings out hot and cold water to give Nick’s cock all sorts of different sensations. He sucks on Nick’s big manly feet while continuing to edge his fat cock!

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Big Cock Fetish – Randy Blue

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Zane and Scotty decided to get on the RandyBlueLive cam rooms and ask their fans directly how they should fuck each other. After some good pointers and countless requests to get naked, the two signed off and started to fuck for real. They took turns rimming and sucking each other. Zane was so hard he needed to get that dick deep in Scotty. Scotty rode it every which way he could!

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Bondage Fetish – Bound Jocks

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Bound jocks Brock Avery and Lucas Knight are hog tied in the middle of the room in just their jocks and socks. They wiggle towards each other and try to get one another untied with just their teeth. Brock finally is able to get Lucas free and expects to be untied as well, but Lucas has other plans.

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Cum Fetish – Boykakke

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Gustave has the final “stay” inside Logan before they all take their turn and blow. With a creamy ending, Gustave “glosses” up Logan’s lips, followed by Gilbert and then Logan, who finishes on his groin; the threesome have left quite a trail of pleasure!

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