Voyeurism Fetish – SneakyPeek

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The pervy cameraman at Sneakypeek didn’t know where to point his lens when he peered through the hole in the wall into this hostel changing room. There are some very sexy guys in here showing off their incredible bodies and the small guy has a wonderful ass and suckable dick. Genuine sporty guys caught in the buff on new hidden camera videos!

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Gang Bang Fetish – BoundInPublic

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The BIP gang has infiltrated BondCon 2014 and now they’ve taken straight stud Cameron Kincade off to a filthy bathroom. The guys line up their asses as Cameron crawls to each one on his hands and knees, with a tight ass hook pulling on his hole. Suspended in the middle of the room, the guys fuck Cameron’s ass!

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Redhead Fetish – WorkingMenXXX

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Handsome, intelligent and beautifully built, Kim could be a total dick, if he wanted. Instead he’s quite the gentleman, with a sense of humor and willingness to please. I love that sexy reddish hair on his chest and around that beautiful cock! Is it obvious I really like this guy?!

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Twink Fetish – SweetAndRaw

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What Troy really likes is what’s inside: Jason’s cock. The pierced, inked, and edgy twink goes down on Jason, sucking him like a pro. Jason returns the favor before moving on and tonguing Troy’s sweet pink hole. The bareback bottom twink straddles Jason and rides him, pulling off for some ATM (ass-to-mouth) before getting back on and fucking himself down to the balls!

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Uniform Fetish – TitanMen

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Redneck lottery winner Mike Tanner is being shown an eight-bedroom home by Anthony London, a high-class realtor with a suit, a fancy accent and a hardon. He compliments Mike’s physique. “Wanna check it out?” offers the blue collar hick. “I ain’t gonna tell nobody.”

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Wrestling Fetish – NakedKombat

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Dominic “The Dominator” Pacifico returns for more sexual domination. His opponent is first timer Alexander “The Great” Gustavo, a hot, ripped hunk with a background in jiu-jitsu. With his grappling background, Alexander The Great is more than confident he’s going to give Dominator a third loss onto his record. Dominator has about twenty pounds on the newcomer, and plans on wearing out his opponent throughout all three rounds!

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Asian Men Fetish – AsianBoyNation

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They play well as Drew blows “Filthy” first. Reciprocating, they then share a “drink at the bar,” with Coda tasting the “house special.” Moving to a more fitting spot to “tour” Drew, Coda samples what is “offered.” Horny and “up for a ride,” Drew “slings along;” these sexy twinks rattle one another’s chains, hard. Ready to blow his abundant load, Coda drenches Drew’s smooth backside!

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