Uncut Cock Fetish – SweetandRaw

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There’s noting like a huge, uncut cock to get a horny bottom twink on his knees and bending over to take a good hard pounding!

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Voyeur Fetish – EricDeman

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Where there are troops of hot young army men getting changed, EricDeman is there recording them! This group of real army men are at a bath house. While showering and relaxing inside the guys get too hot and strut outside to cool off and casually enjoy a cigarette while stark naked. It’s so hot spying on these hot young military men who have no idea they are being filmed!

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Muscle Bear Fetish – TitanMen

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“Wrap those lips around it! Wax that fat cock!” Nick sucks back, his own cock throbbing as he plants his noise in Eddy’s pubes. “Take the whole thing…all the way!” instructs Eddy as Nick gulps it up. The two kiss, their cocks grinding together, before Nick bends over the hood to get his ass eaten (“Open up that hole!”). Eddy fucks him from behind, yelling “Back up on it!” as Nick moans. “Put i t back in!” yells Nick as Eddy slides out. “Fuck! You’re making my dick drip!” Eddy’s pecs shake as he fucks hard and fast, Nick then sitting down on him—his own boner bobbing as Eddy grips his waist. On his back, Nick gets slammed some more before the two squirt on him!

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Big Cock Fetish – Eurocreme

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Arriving at his mates, Mickey is met with by his friend’s flat mate. Soggy from the rain he takes off his wet top sparking conversation about his tattoos! Marco is in awe of mickeys sexy body and sexy tattoos so when Mickey reaches across to get his top he cannot help but kiss him! This leads to a hot and horny pair with their dicks out, they can’t get enough of each other’s throbbing cocks! Mickey takes get Luke onto the kitchen table and slam teases his new playmates hole, working it with his tongue before sliding his solid thick meat in! Mickey is anything than gentle with Luke, pounding his hole like it’s the last time he is ever going to get the chance! The pair both clearly enjoys the chance meeting as there is an explosive cum shot at the end!

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Latino Men Fetish – RedHotLatinos

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Rick Montila finds Marcelo Martins resting on the rocks, enjoying the beautiful view. It’s not long before Marcelo’s silky tool gets some air as Rick sucks on his big long cock. After Marcelo returns the favor, he tops Rick in a manner of positions. Rick can’t control the rush of love juice and spurts a big load of cum all over himself. Marcelo blasts his juice all over Rick’s face!

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Chain Fetish – IronLockup

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And now for something completely serious: a puppy tickle torturing an innocent victim stuck to the spiderweb. Puppy utilizes a pinwheel, a claw, and his teeth to make the prisoner scream (in horror or delight it’s hard to say). When the bamboo cane and the chair come out the prisoner gives a look of confusion, that is till he finds his feet propped up and caned.

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Gang Bang Fetish – LucasEntertainment

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What’s better than this past Friday’s scene featuring Joey Pele fucking Tomas Lopez in his ass bareback with his fat uncut 8.5-inch cock? Watching Joey Pele fuck Tomas Lopez while Fernando Torres and Rafael Carreras wait to take their turns on him, too. And I promise that they, too, get their turn inside Tomas! This scene isn’t a foursome — it’s a miniature gang-bang, and Tomas is the sole and central receiver for all of the hard and raw uncut cocks!

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