Bondage Fetish – Boynapped

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Ashton is looking for a warm place to stick his big uncut cock, luckily we have young cutie Lyle to give him! The boy has been caught, stripped, roped into a bent standing position and left for someone to play with! He can’t move up or down, his arse on show for Ashton to spank, lick out and finger. The twinks long cock is milked from between his legs while Ashton plays, but it’s that tight young ass that eventually has our dominant boy splashing his cum out!

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Smoking Fetish – Boys-Smoking

bsm0092_hunter_01 bsm0092_hunter_02 bsm0092_hunter_03 bsm0092_hunter_04 bsm0092_hunter_05 bsm0092_hunter_06 bsm0092_hunter_07 bsm0092_hunter_08 bsm0092_hunter_09 bsm0092_hunter_10 bsm0092_hunter_11 bsm0092_hunter_12 bsm0092_hunter_13 bsm0092_hunter_14 bsm0092_hunter_15 bsm0092_hunter_16 bsm0092_hunter_17 bsm0092_hunter_18 bsm0092_hunter_19 bsm0092_hunter_20

Sexy and hairy 23 year old Hunter hits the bed with his pack of Marlboro Blacks. Hunter chain-smokes while he works on his BIG hairy cock, hauling back on one smoke after another until he shoots a MASSIVE load all over his chest and abs!

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Asian Men Fetish – LaughingAsians

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This sexy Asian gay boy fully admits he’s very ticklish in his armpits. His mistake was saying so before the shoot! So all three sadistic ticklers knew exactly where to focus their tickling. But I have to say, Dave has some incredibly cute Asian boy feet. So I made sure to tell the guys not to leave them untouched. I wanted plenty of foot tickling on that boy. Turns out he had pretty ticklish feet as well.

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Bareback Fetish – HotBarebacking

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Ryan Cummings cum filled hole is barebacked by Bodybuilders Rick Romo and Joey Rico. . These hung studs know how to make Ryan cum over and over. They take no mercy as they fuck raw loads out of his ass. Ryan begs for his mouth and ass to be fucked at the same time and these young studs oblige. One raw cock isn’t enough for Ryan so Joey and Rick double fuck his hole. His cum filled ass is so wet both cocks slide right in. Ryan continues to clean off cocks every time they leave his ass. He doesn’t want any cum to go the waste. Rick and Joey can’t hold off and they both breed Ryan. We lost count how many times Ryan cums.

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Amateur Fetish – LikeEmStraight

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A six-month stint on a fishing boat is Alaska will harden the muscles of any young man. But it gets lonely onboard a boat full of smelly men, so 23-year-old Tyson needs some TLC. And when you’re handsome and sexy like this blue-eyed stud, you don’t have to look far for attention. Lucky for us Brendon got him in to the studio before half of the women in San Francisco knew he was loose. We’ve seen Tyson before, but we never get tired of his huge cock and nasty ways. He mouth fucks Brendon like he’s trolling for tuna, drop a line and catch that mutha fucker. It’s a free for all in the studio, but Brendon ends up with the catch of the day!

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Gay For Pay Fetish – CzechHunter

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Peter tried to convince two friends for a threesome. Well, that didn’t work, but at least one of them agreed to show him his dick. A huge dick by the way. Well he had a bit problems to find the right words to make him suck. But he succeeded. And the Christmas gifts he was shopping for also fit the season very well :-) What do you think about Peter?

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Military Fetish – GayWarGames

redbaretmaster_s3-01 redbaretmaster_s3-02 redbaretmaster_s3-03 redbaretmaster_s3-04 redbaretmaster_s3-05 redbaretmaster_s3-06 redbaretmaster_s3-07 redbaretmaster_s3-08 redbaretmaster_s3-09 redbaretmaster_s3-10 redbaretmaster_s3-11 redbaretmaster_s3-12

This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

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