Thug Fetish – StraightNakedThugs

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Jenx heard about us through a friend of his, and he was real eager to come in and show us how he likes to play with his sexy jock cock. The dude is handsome and with a nice body and some sexy ink too, and a real nice cock that he seems to really enjoy showing off. He strokes himself expertly until his semen is pumping out, and as soon as he does we know he’s had a good time and we’ll be seeing him again!

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Athlete Fetish – RuggerBugger

Longo01 Longo02 Longo03 Longo04

Ruggerbugger have hot private photos of Italian footballer Samuele Longo in nothing but his pants showing off his muscular sporty body!

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Voyeurism Fetish – SneakyPeek

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The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek secretly films this curly-haired hottie stripping naked in the locker room! The big dumbbell has no idea he’s being filmed as he reveals his fine body and luscious dick.

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Punk Fetish – Toegasms

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Inked and punky straight guy Axel loves to really tease the guys, and we got that in this photo shoot with the boy when he stopped by recently to earn a little extra cash. The handsome and hot young man really teases with his naked feet on show, and even strips down to tease us a little more with his cock and that hot ass, while maintaining his modesty. Perhaps we should have reminded him that we’ve seen that gorgeous cock before?

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Rimming Fetish – BearFilms

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Decked out in military gear, Tristant Riant and Ray Brian are playing craps and the stakes are high. Loser sucks cock. Fat cock. The winner? Guess it depends on how you look at it. Odds are most of you will think Tristant is the winner since he’s the one that gets to have his dick serviced and plow tight hole. But we think Ray is the winner, hands down. There’s some good nipple sucking action here and some very greedy and LOUD cock sucking! Ray chows down on Tristant’s fat, uncut dick before giving up his ass to the big beefy bear’s tongue and, eventually, his cock. Military never looked this good or this horny! Plus we’ve a feeling Tristant has never fucked such a tight ass. After they left to perform their maneuvers we took a good look at those dice. Can you say fixed?

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Latino Men Fetish – BangBangBoys

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The look on Felipe’s face when Hugo walks into the room is priceless. He just knows that he is in for a good time and immediately starts to kiss Hugo. Hugo doesn’t want to mess around – he wants that big black cock in his mouth .. and what a mouth it is. He swallows the juicy shaft all the way to the base. This gets Felipe as horny as fuck and he flips Hugo over so that he can rim his perfect ass. With Hugo’s ass tingling with anticipation he climbs on top of Felipe who barebangs him with a sexual intensity those Latin boys are famous for. There’s so much cum at the end of this scene that they need to shower!

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Watersports Fetish – WurstFilmClub

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Bitch lays in a sling. Muscle daddy Jim Ferro wants to pump his ass with his Prince Albert. Happily Bitch has wide spread open legs and waits for the first hammer blow. He wants to be taken, spit on and extremely fucked. Master daddy doesn’t wait a second to enjoy this invitation for a hard fucking ride.

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