Smoking Fetish – Boys-Smoking

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Sexy and hung Ryan Conners strips down poolside and chainsmokes his way through half a pack of Marlboro Black Menthol 100’s. After a long stroke session Ryan’s 9 inch cock unloads in the ashtray!

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Interracial Fetish – MenOver30

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Daxton is fully invested in this moment and wants to return the favor so they both strip down and Daxton gets to lick and stroke Trey’s big cock. They can’t take too long playing around in the locker room so Trey starts to fuck Daxton up against the lockers and on the bench legs up ready to bust his nut. Trey fucks the nut right out of him which than sets Trey off to unleash his built up cream all over Daxton’s chest.

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Straight Men Fetish – BaitBuddies

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It doesn’t take more than a minute until Brayden says ”you’re going to make me cum quick”. And that was no lie, just another minute later and he’s jacking a big load all over his body, ”just because I came, doesn’t mean you’re done yet” says Brayden. Unphased, Darin continues to hammer the boy’s butt as Brayden is jacking his still hard dick until Darin reaches the point of no return, pulls the rubber off a jacks his own sizable load all over Brayden. Darin is so caught up in the orgasm he says out loud to nobody in particular ”I almost came a second time”. It isn’t difficult to come to the conclusion that he really liked the fucking. He also said he liked getting his dick sucked!

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Bareback Fetish – BarebackLatinoz

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Stripped to their underwear, Julio and Valeriano horse around a bit, and it’s clear this top is wanting some of that Latin ass. Valeriano pulls the shorts off his bottom and rims that hungry hole, getting Julio ready for the bareback fucking that will follow. Of course, Julio properly services the monster his top is packing; making sure it’s up for the task. Valeriano shows his appreciation, by barbacking his Latin bottom silly and pumping his well fucked ass full of cum.

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Geek Fetish – HelixStudios

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As many fans of Helix Studios can most likely agree, privacy is something that is very important. Laying in bed like young Blake Mitchell, eyes closed, biting your lip, fist full of massive, engorged & uncut flesh-pipe and tugging away. If only all peeping toms looked, felt and tasted like the little prince Greco Rai. Take your time and enjoy yourself as we take a peek at the lengths and depth of Blake’s handiwork and watch Greco get way more than an eye full.

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Cum Facial Fetish – AsianBoys

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Having the boys “cum” play in the afternoon; I want them to bring out their kinky sides for AsianBoys.XXX. Sen, on the left, and Yuki lean back and start with some tongue action, as they “feel” their way to fun. Sen works on Yuki first; his hand rubs on the boy’s bulge before he takes it in his mouth. And by the time Yuki gets a “lick” of his partner, Sen turn it into a number’s game. The pair 69s. Lubing himself up, we get a close-up of Yuki, two fingers deep; Sen looks on intensely. Standing, Yuki receives more “slobbering” before he blows all over Sen’s face, “striping” the boy. Sitting against Yuki, Sen strokes one out while he is fondled. Oozing out all over his hand and groin, Sen “whitens the load,” nicely.

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Muscle Hunk Fetish – AmericanMuscleHunks

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JJ Knight brings his huge cock and ripped muscle body to AMH in this new scene with Johnny V. Johnny starts by massaging JJ’s huge muscles and quickly moves on to making out and swallowing his monster cock. Johnny’s ass consumes JJ’s thick meat and he eagerly bounces on it taking every inch. JJ then makes Johnny bend over and pounds him hard until he throws him on his back and fucks the cum out of him. JJ is quick to shoot one of the biggest loads ever all over Johnny.

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