Barroom Fucking Fetish – Bound In Public

Corbin Dallas is the group’s bar slut for the evening and brought into the room of horny men hooded and begging to be groped. They put their hands all over him with clips on his nipples and get his cock hard. The crowd humiliates him by pouring their drinks all over him. As Corbin is passed around from one cock to the next he’s giving a hard flogging by Christian Wilde, then fuck really hard!

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Dildo Fetish – Club Inferno Dungeon

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Private Rogue Status finds fellow soldier Sean Duran alone in his tent jerking off. Two army studs might as well help each other out, so Rogue helps himself to a mouthful of Sean’s cock. Turning around, Rogue exposes his ass for Sean to deliver a giant cock-shaped dildo. Suddenly, Private Armond Rizzo walks into the tent and is mad as hell. Sean soon has Armond taking some BIG dildos inside his man hole!

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Nude Grappling Fetish – Naked Kombat

This week we have hung stud, Jay “Slick Dick” Rising facing off against seasoned kombatant, Eli “The Hammer” Hunter. Each fighter has a loss under their belt so knowing the taste of defeat makes them fight all the more harder. Hammer is relentless with his vicious leg locks but Slick-Dick manages to use his strength to slam his opponent hard to the mat. Who will take this incredible wrestling Summer Smackdown match?!

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Edged Twink Fetish – Boynapped

boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_01 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_02 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_03 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_04 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_05 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_11 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_12 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_13 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_17 boyn0530_kenziemitch_sebastiankane_20

Kenzie is the latest victim to be drained of a cum wad by Sebastian, and after humiliating and spitting on the boy, slapping his hard dick and spanking his tight arse, the master gets to work on stroking that hard uncut cock. Kenzie’s cock is so desperate to unload, firing off jets of hot white jizz!

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Hunk Tickling Fetish – MyFriendsFeet

Chase was once again bound to the MyFriendsFeet tickle chair, his hot body driven crazy via electric toothbrushes and other implements. Chase’s lean, strong, muscular body writhing the entire time attempting to break free!

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Shower Fetish – WashedTwinks

DSC02807 DSC02813 DSC02827 DSC02830 DSC02847 DSC02853 DSC02855 DSC02857 DSC02859 DSC02861

If there’s one sight that gets me as horny as hell it’s watching an uncut European twink showering. Especially blond cuties like this lad here. Check out the long, lean body on him and that foreskin hanging between his legs. Mmmm. I’d sure love to wash this boi down with soap and whatever else cums to mind!

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Muscle Dad Fetish – Titan Men

mrwd_scene01_006 mrwd_scene01_007 mrwd_scene01_008 mrwd_scene01_010 mrwd_scene01_011 mrwd_scene01_012 mrwd_scene01_016 mrwd_scene01_021 mrwd_scene01_023 mrwd_scene01_026

Josh starts slow then delivers a faster face fuck, Jesse moaning and gasping for breath as he gulps. Josh smiles, soon sucking the giant jock back—gripping Jesse’s dick as he teases the underside of his mushroom head, causing Jesse’s eyes to roll up. Josh feasts on his bud’s hole, his beard scraping against it. He fucks Jesse from behind, turning him over for more and leaning down for a kiss before they cum!

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