Sock Fetish – Eurocreme

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Coming in from a jog, tattooed young scally lad Mickey Taylor speaks directly to you as he sits down about to undo his shoes, warm, moist and with the smell of well-used trainer, he gives us a direct show as he speaks direct to us, showing off his white socks, tight against his foot as he shoves the trainer in the camera, urging us to take a deep breath inside, if only! Taking off his socks to expose his smooth soles!

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Intergenerational Fetish – HotDadsHotLads

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Ben Venido is getting a tan, he gets hungry and orders a Meat-Lover’s pizza. Derek Scott, the delivery boy, comes to the back yard and delivers the pizza. To his surprise Ben starts to feel out his cock. Ben tells him to pull his dick out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Ben notices Derek’s cock is still somewhat soft, and takes the lads cock straight into his warm mouth. Ben’s got a big tool, too, and Derek takes a turn sucking and licking his cock. They both lay sideways on the lounge chair and Derek gets fucked by the hairy, muscle daddy!

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Tickling Fetish – LaughingAsians

Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still001 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still002 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still004 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still005 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still013 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still014 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still015 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still017 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still206 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still207 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still208 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still209 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still210 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still211 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still212 Alex_And_Vahn_Tickle_And_Cum.Still213

Get ready to shoot your load over and over again with this incredible tickle, blow job, hand job, and simultaneous cum shots video! Vahn has Asian twink Alex tied spreadeagled to the bed fully clothed. Vahn starts the tickling slow and teasing!

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European Men Fetish – CockyBoys

Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0071 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0075 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0080 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0081 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0083 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0086 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0092 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0098 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0111 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0116 Justin-Matthews-Max-Carter_0143

Max really wanted to get plowed by this point, so it wasn’t long before he began riding Justin’s cock for what seemed like hours. Then it was Justin’s turn to get fucked. The look on his face when Max first started nailing him from behind was priceless. Justin was totally loving every second of it, all the way up to the final climax where the guys both shot huge loads on his torso. Justin’s the type of uninhibited guy whose sexuality is always blossoming on screen, and this time Max really gave him a run for his money!

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Military Fetish – GayWarGames

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Been sentenced to prison is not fun at all. This young pal committed a crime and he has to serve his time. In Tchukistan the prison is tougher than in south america. Beating, bullying is just beginning. He and his dick are prisoners of lust!

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Toilet Voyeur Fetish – ExtraBigDicks

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Brett loves coming to the bathroom to jerk off while people are outside of it. This is his favorite bathroom by far and he has showed up just in time to play with his extra big cock.

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Foot Worship Fetish – MyFriendsFeet

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Personal trainer Adam and MyFriendsFeet foot worshiper Cameron Kincade just finished a workout and it was time for round two of sweating it up. In a whole different way. Still sweaty from the training, Adam kicks back on the bed while Cameron strips off his sneakers to massage his feet through his sport socks. Adam loves it. But he wants more! Before long Cameron has his socks off and starts licking his heels and sucking on his toes. Adam can’t take much more of it before he pulls out his already rock hard cock and strokes it to a satisfying climax!

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